Do Open Houses Sell Homes?

The age old question. Will an open house sell my home?

This is a complicated one to answer. Odds are that no, an open house will not sell your home. However, when an open house is done right the odds go up drastically.

The old method of placing an open house sign out the morning of, placing an ad in the newspaper and hoping people show up is outdated, and in my belief makes open houses irrelevant in the industry today (when conducted in this way). When our team holds an open house in the Greater Des Moines area, we employ what we call a “Seventh Level Open House”.

So seventh level sounds pretty cool huh? Here’s how it works. There is a 7 point process to putting on a dynamite open house. The steps include knocking on doors to invite the neighbors and anyone they may know looking to buy in the area. Sending out postcards advertising the open house. Placing sufficient signage before the open house. Advertsing the open house in chosen locations.

As of late, we have also employed Twilight Open Houses. Our chosen time is Thursday 5-8. This catches the maximum “coming home from work” crowd and shows the house in a different light. More of an event and cocktail party atmosphere.

Do we host open houses at every property every weekend? The answer is no. It is definitely a strategy we use and worth a try–when done the right way.



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