My TOP 10 House Staging Tips

When preparing your house to sell, remember it is a PRODUCT! Just like any other product, such as a car, you want to make sure it is looking its best. Would you sell your car without having it detailed and cleaned? Would you get all of the pet hair and extra stuff out before selling it? Of course you would! Why would your house (often your biggest investment) be any different? Here are my most common tips when preparing homes for sale.

10. Hide your toiletries! When house shopping, no one wants to envision themselves living among someone else’s personal items. Get rid of them for the showings!

9. If you don’t have overhead lights inside, make sure to put lamps on a timer!

8. Clean our your closets. (This is an obvious one)

7. If you have tons of stuff in your storage room, or odd stuff such as Halloween mannequins (like I do) invest in white sheets and cover it all up. Buyers tend to nickname houses. The last thing you want to be remembered as is the “creepy Halloween house”.

6. Spruce up your mailbox. First impression is key!

5. Replace any visible ‘curly q’ lightbulbs with the regular ones. Much more attractive.

4. WD-40 those doors! Squeaky doors give off a bad vibe and scream maintenance.

3. Take 1 piece of furniture out of every room. Make your house live large!

2. Remove the magnets and clutter from your fridge!

1. Pack away any items smaller than a canteloupe! This is my #1 rule of thumb for making a house less busy to the buyer. Instead of looking at your stuff, make them see the house!

I hope these home selling tips are helpful! As a service to our clients, we offer free staging advice to help you get the most money for your house. If it’s a bigger job, we can recommend a stager in the Des Moines area and bring them in for a second opinion. Remember, all of these staging tips are best complimented by a professional photographer! Presentation online is just as important as how your house shows in person!

One of our recently sold homes on Onondaga Pt. in Des Moines.

One of our recently sold homes on Onondaga Pt. in Des Moines. Staged by Elizabeth Erin Designs.

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